KADUAMI, Inc. is a service institution that aims to contribute to the development of communities in Northern Luzon. It was established in October 1983 after the 1st Conference on Development Issues and Strategies in Northern Luzon was held. Participants of the conference recommended that a development center for NL shall be put-up, thus its first name Regional Development Center-Northern Luzon (RDC-NL). In June 1984, the 1st General Assembly unanimously adopted the name Katinnulong Daguiti Umili iti Amianan, Inc. (KADUAMI,Inc.) with the approval of its Constitution and By-Laws. KADUAMI is being supported by Church Development Service (EED) of Germany as its funding partner since 1984.


VISION: KADUAMI envisions an empowered community that is able to assert their basic rights, promotes self-reliant, equitable and sustainable development, and progressive culture.

MISSION: KADUAMI is a development service institution that commits to contribute to the development of self-determining, self-reliant and inter-dependent communities in Northern Luzon through partnership, capability building, networking and socio-economic work.


  • Strengthened collective capability of communities in the management and development of peoples organizations
  • Enhanced capacity of communities to protect their environment, basic rights, well-being and engaged in tapping other sectors to support their issues
  • Improved skills of communities to manage and sustain social enterprise and other socio-economic activities
  • Improved capacity of KADUAMI to effectively and efficiently establish itself as a development resource and service center of Northern Luzon


  • Promotes organized and active people’s participation
  • Commitment to the marginalized sectors and communities
  • Sensitivity to indigenous peoples and gender rights
  • Ensures social justice and ecological stability


  • Organizing and PO Capacity Building
  • Advocacy, Campaigns and Networking
  • Research, Education and Training
  • Socio-Economic Work



This program aims to ensure the social preparedness and organizational capacity of partner organizations to initiate and manage their self-help programs and activities. Specifically, this program facilitates the consolidation and development of the local POs in areas where there are no other support NGOs or agencies but which have projects supported by KADUAMI. It also builds contacts and mobilizes professionals and skilled individuals residing in urban town centers to be involved in actual community-based development activities on a voluntary basis.


The aim of the research program is to be able to generate baseline information and feasibility study as a requisite to any development intervention in the community. The type of researches conducted/assisted by KADUAMI may be broadly classified as: participatory community and project appraisals, pre-feasibility or feasibility studies, social investigation and analysis on special problems and issues on development work.

Advocacy and campaign activities shall contribute in increasing the awareness of the affected communities. It shall also assist in broadening the support of other groups and advocates , in facilitating dialogues and fora towards information campaign and unity building on identified policy issues.


This program shall provide technical and financial assistance for the self-help socio-economic initiatives of POs, largely through the Small-Scale Development Fund (SSDF). These projects may be classified under support to organizing, delivery of basic social services and support for agricultural production, IGPs and others.

It is also under this program component that KADUAMI continue to provide assistance for emergency response through the Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) and in building the capacity of POs to cope with disasters and dislocations, due to natural or human-made disasters that include typhoons, economic displacement and dislocation, outbreak of diseases and militarization.


Based on the social enterprise concept, this program component shall take-off from the accomplishments of the micro-enterprise program in the previous programs. This program shall continue to set-up and build cooperative and entrepreneurial capacity of the local PO partners and community-based cooperative formations.

Under this program component, KADUAMI shall also continue to strengthen the management and further sustain the Northern Luzon Peoples Enterprise (NLPE) as the established alternative trading center and conduit for the promotion and marketing of PO/community products.


This program component and unit shall continue to support the other program components through the strengthening of its administrative and institutional capacity. It shall continue to muster together its efforts to establish partnerships and sustain the support of its funding partners towards strengthening itself as the development source and service center for Northern Luzon communities and organizations.


The project area coverage of KADUAMI includes selected communities within the fourteen (14) provinces in Northern Luzon of the Philippines.

Region 1: Ilocos Region covering the three (3) provinces of La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte

Region 2: Cagayan Valley Region with (4) provinces which are Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino

CAR: Cordillera Administrative Region with the six (6) provinces of Apayao, Kalinga, Abra, Ifugao, Mountain Province, Benguet and the City of Baguio


KADUAMI prioritizes assistance for marginalized communities and sectors within the rural and urban areas, which are deprived of basic socio-economic services. The principal target groups are the grassroots or community-based organizations, both sectoral and multi-sectoral POs that are ready to initiate and manage self-help socio-economic projects towards self-reliance.

The basic sectors within Northern Luzon considered as the priority target groups of KADUAMI’s programs and services include the following:

  • Indigenous peoples
  • Peasants
  • Fisherfolks
  • Workers
  • Urban Poor
  • Youth and Students
  • Women and Children

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  1. Hello:) We would like to ask if there are any improvement or action taken regarding the issue of black sand mining in Cagayan river. we are students from Manila conducting some study regarding the issue. thank you and God Bless:)

    1. tenx and you are interested in our fight against mining. we need your help to let the national government informed as to what is happening in our place.

  2. Hello 🙂 We are students from Manila, and we would like to ask for some information regarding the issue of magnetite mining in Cagayan River. (Are there any improvements or is the issue already been solved? ) thank you and we are looking forward for your response.

  3. I was hoping to find your site useful and significant. Hoping to find written and published documents about your research, etc. activities. What I only found in your site are pictures and captions. Simple descriptions..

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