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  1. magnetite ore mining at sanchez mira was rejected by the residents because of the proximity of the mining site to protected areas (nipa swamps/mangrooves), source of water for operation will compete with the supply needed by farmers to farm nearby ricelands,and because of the loose sand that has been slowly eroded by the wind.. and because of the proximity to community residence, etc!!! we are a group supporting this cause and we have checked with DENR tuguegarao of ANY pending or on-going mining application or activity along sanchez mira BUT WERE INFORMED THERE ARE NON IN THEIR DATA BASE, ACCORDING to mr. jason malamug of the EMB.. please help us to get correct information if there is indeed an approved mining application by CMC.. thank you.

  2. There is indeed an exploration permit given to the Colossasl Mining Corporation, Lala. You may check at the MGB website under EP tenement that their permit of 13,963 has. was approved sometime in August 2007. We were also able to get the papers of CMC at the MGB-region II office. You may also request for a copy there. Would you please contact us at our email address? We are looking for people who had become part in the Sanchez Mira struggle. Maybe we can work together and make plans regarding this off-shore mining operation. Thanks for leaving a comment. We are hoping to hear from you again.

  3. I have several investors who want to invest mining. anybody who have standby site that need fund just deal with me I am from Cagayan Valley thats why I want to push deal in my home land. Need investor just mail to me its if your group have available stockpile of any mineral ores just deal with me 09207256829

    Marjo Buluran
    Business Development Officer
    Companias Metallurgicas De Pilipina Corporation

  4. Kaduami is a non-profit institution involved in the protection of environment and in empowering the people to assert their basic human rights. It is then in a position to study the impact of large scale mining which we believe are highly destructive to our environment. Kaduami is part of a Philippine network defending National Patrimony and working for good governance.

    It is in this regard that we inform you that local communities act on their own decision to protect what rightfully belongs to them and which should be for their own community development. Mining is a big issue that has been internationalized by the opposing public and which has forced some companies to reconsider and have stopped operations.

    I know that your interests are for business and for your own company’s profit, and we would like you to understand that placing your interests here would mean taking much risks and running contrary to our people’s aspirations.

    1. the magnetite miners are now here in the province of negros occidental i’m deeply worried because most of the people here lacks the knowledge of the effects of the magnetite mining. we are needing the help of those people who knows what is magnetite mining. thank you

      1. We have published some materials here for your information.Practically the whole coastal area of Northern Luzon has approved permits for magnetite mining on the shores/beaches. Let us oppose the mining of black sand for foreign mining interests. Let us preserve the environment.

    2. where can i get in touch with the officers/ representatives of your organization? i am based here in san fernando la union and i would like to visit your office to discuss matters on illegal mining activities here in north luzon . My name is rene ringor, my cellphone number is 09196614599 and my email add is we are on the process of engaging groups who are against mining operations n the areas of zambales and pangasinan . am looking forward of linking up with your org .

  5. i recently joined an imvestigative mission in cagayan, Gonzaga to be exact. we had the chance to visit at least five barangays wherein mining and quarrying is a big issue and most of the people there were against it. Brgy. wangag, Brgy. Casitan, Brgy. amunitan, Brgy. Caruan, and Brgy. Batangan. hmm, i cant go with the details right now,,unfortunately but one thing is for sure a politician is helping them to acquire permits without undergoing into right process. and some really exploit the environment as well as the ignorance of the people living in those areas.

  6. hi! this is same lala.. please permit me to use your material as part of the references to be used on our information campaign re- mining of magnetite ore along sanchez mira.. mining activities are on the upsurge in cagayan again with the clergy openly opposing such activities.. we need help down here– to contiuously keep the people informed on the impacts of such mining activities on our shorelines.. we believe that an informed-citizenry can make better decisions on their own for the protection of their environment.. we want to keep on flooding them with the correct information.. we need help on this. thanks much!

    1. hello, lala.
      the materials posted in this site may be used by everyone for their information and education campaigns as long as we’re properly cited. The limitation of this research though is that it is not updated. This was conducted March of last year. May we, in return, ask you to provide us with updates on the issue so we could continue to work together and let the greatest number of people know about this. Likewise, should you need more materials that we may/can provide, just let us know. Also, we would like to forward your email address to SAVE the VALLEY, SERVE the PEOPLE ENVIRONMENTAL ALLIANCE-Cagayan Chapter. It is one of our partner organizations in Cagayan, and some of their members have been part of the team which conducted this research. Kindly provide us your contact number.

      We are looking forward to working with you closely.

  7. you have a very informative site. Yes magnetite mining is killing our shorelines. In Negros island this is also done. Please also pass this information that in Guihulngan part of negros, our member Negros Rural Assistance Program,Inc. (NRAPI) reported that Nestle Philippines is getting volumes of rock phosphate in their place as an additive to Milo drink. There is no exact research yet of how much is the content, and what is the effect of this rock phosphate to our children, and of course, the adults also who choose this as their favorite drink.

    jhana of pnfsp

  8. hi! i would like to ask for materials from you regarding black sand mining. I am a fourth year up law student, and im gathering up information in order to build up a case against these mining companies, including erring government officials. I’m also a former student of Prof. Antonio Oposa in environmental law. thanks. please email me at thanks.

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