Board & Staff


Chairperson: Bishop Elorde Sambat (UCCP-NLJ)
Vice-Chairperson: Mr. Lenville Salvador
Secretary: Prof. Celia Austria
Treasurer:  Ms. Jeanette Ribaya-Cawiding
Liaison Officer: Mr. Santi Mero


Bishop Marino Inong (UCCP)

Ms. Sarah Abellon-Alikes

Fr. Noel Dacuycuy (PIC)
Rev. Marcelino Mariano (UCCP)
Engr. Eduardo Rimando
Fr. Emery Cadiz (RC)
Rev. Clarence Olat (ECP)
Ms. Belinda Bautista
Mr. Tony Baggay
Mr. Fernando Bagyan


Executive Director: Esther Roxanne Bans-Veridiano
Insti Building Coordinator: Mary Lou Marigza
Research Coordinator: Leonida T. Pangket
Campaigns & Advocacy Coordinator: Sherry Mae Soledad
Project Development & Assistance Coordinator: Petronila G. Guzman

Training & Organizing Officers: Tony Pugyao, Isabelo Adviento, Ramon Gallo
Research Officers: Sherwin de Vera
Campaign OfficersRomella Liquigan
Projects Officers: Angelita Bulseco, Khristof O. Banheh
Administrative Staff: Betty Sugao
Technical Assistant: Mounir Miranda


3 thoughts on “Board & Staff”

  1. Dear Board Members – If you are really serious about development of Agriculture and Health in your region I can help you prosper by working with you and teaching you how to apply the Latest Advanced and Innovative Technology known to man. We are not talking about “Rocket Science ” but simple and practical means that are productive towards a higher quality of life for the whole of RP.

  2. PS . Every step of the way forward is measureable even before you taste the fruit veggie or rice etc., Whatever you grow the growth rate and quality will be superior to all other growers. Full use is made of your natural resources. Regards Derek Williams

  3. to the board and staff i am worried of the ignorance of the people here in our community about magnetite mining maybe if you can help me open the eyes of the people through videos of the effects of magnetite mining, we are living near coastal area of barangay 6-a victorias city negros occidental and the miners have done their sampling already maybe the politicians will be blind by the mining company. p.s. deeply needing help. thank you

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