Enhanced Greenhouse Effect


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has proclaimed that human activities have enhanced and hastened the Greenhouse effect. It is important to act NOW to lessen the damages of global warming. Climate change will surely increase disaster risk. Climate change will worsen the conditions of poverty if effective risk reduction strategies and plans are not put in place. This is a challenge for government – local, regional, national – as well as international cooperation if we are to reduce impacts of climate change.

The three components of risk reduction are prevention, preparedness and mitigation. Coupled with the human rights based approach, it would place principal stress on the vulnerable sectors like children, the elderly, persons with disabilities and women who will bear and care for the next generation.

The right to life and development requires action on climate change at the local, national and international levels.  When rights, resources and opportunities are not enjoyed equally by men and women, some individuals or groups in the community will become more vulnerable to climate change than others and would have more difficulty coping and picking up after a disaster.

The colorful tarp on the right side of the picture are the 30 rights as promulgated in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.  


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