Kaduami conducts regular assessment, reviews O-I-O workshop results, the new EO 79 and documents violations of economic rights

Kaduami staff renewed their commitment to implement the present programs with the goal of increased people’s participation in governance promoting the human-rights based approach.  Kaduami is currently undertaking the 3-year program “Empowering Communities to Assert their Right to Food and Right to Development and Promoting Good Governance in the Context of Climate Change.”  This program is with the support of the EED or the Church Development Service in Germany

In line with EED’s thrust, Kaduami continues to deepen its understanding of the Outcome and Impact Orientation by reformulating its outcome indicators and upgrading the effect chains of the different program strategies.  The results of the mid-term assessment conducted by Kaduami on February 21-24, 2012 were shared by the management committee to the regional development workers or the field staff.  PRISM, the EED partner consulting agency, through Toto Colongon assisted the Kaduami in its mid-term assessment workshop.

The Kaduami staff conducted workshops to review the challenges that impacted the communities from January to June of this year and discussed how Kaduami responded in various ways: training and organizing, campaign and advocacy, project development and assistance, disaster response, and strengthening alliances. Violations of economic rights such as landgrabbing  due to mining and crop conversion in the provinces were shared by the field staff.   Common development interventions by both POs and NGOs are still in capacity building and in engaging the local governments to respond to people’s clamors through dialogue and fora. Some of the successful socio economic projects implemented by Kaduami during the period are the Installation of Potable Water System in Lucbuban, Salcedo,  and in Buliclic, Sta. Lucia both in the province of Ilocos Sur.

Other topics discussed during the staff meeting were the new executive order for the implementation of the mining development program of the national government, the present state of poverty and underdevelopment in the Philippines, the efforts of different Kaduami networks such as the Philippine Task Force for Indigenous Rights, the Philippine Network of Security Programs and the EED Luzon Governance Group.  The Executive Director also updated the Kaduami staff on the update on the merger of EED and Bread for the World.

Kaduami staff also welcomed its volunteer, Ms. Annika Kearton from the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development Program under the Australian Agency for International Development.  Ms. Kearton will be working with the Kaduami for a year as Climate Change Research Officer.




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