“ Defend and preserve our national patrimony against foreign big business plunder!
Assert our right to life, land, culture, food security and development!”

We have gathered together for a common issue and just cause.
We have gathered in community and resolve to face challenges and bind ourselves to the task of
advocating, promoting wellbeing for our communities, upholding human rights for all not only for
ourselves but for the next generation of earth warriors.

We have witnessed the impact of the greed and plunder of big foreign business for our minerals.
We have seen how destructive mining companies are greenwashing their operations and actions.
We experienced the blatant twisting and bending of the laws and regulations to open more areas for
mining in Northern Luzon. We have experienced the outright disrespect of people’s rights in securing
approval for mining permits especially by local government agencies who should be the duty bearers in
promoting, protecting and fulfilling our rights.

We have experienced military forces camping in our villages to protect the interest of big mining
companies. We have seen the big mining companies’ aggresssive campaign to greenwash their sins with
active promotion, false propaganda and military might by rallying a whole division to their side. We have
seen where there is big mining operation, human rights violations have become rampant and
militarization becomes a way of life.
Our leaders and community people have been tagged, branded and vilified to demonize us and mark us
as anti-development when we oppose the entry of big foreign companies. False environmental groups
have been hoisted and funded to belittle and muddle our protests against large scale mining and
assertion of our rights.

We have experienced the utter disregard for indigenous peoples rights to our ancestral domain, the
home of our ancestors’ spirits, culture and livelihood. Our right to self-determination is trampled and
disregarded by duty-bearers and officials of mining companies.
Our communities have become divided and riven with enticements, harassments and militarization. Our
indigenous systems and ways of life are being sacrificed at the altar of foreign investments supposedly
to promote national interest and domestic production.

Our rights, lands and livelihood are destroyed in the race to take advantage of the high prices of
minerals especially gold and iron ore. Mining plunder by large foreign and local companies have dumped
wastes on our rivers, mountains, plains and seas with little regard for restoration much less mitigation
measures. Global warming is hastened. Creation is groaning from the impact of destruction and waste
from the mines.

However, we are a community and we share common dreams of mining our own land and enjoy the
fruits of our labor for better lives, for cleaner water and land, for abundant and fertile agricultural lands,
for justice and peace and for equitable and sustainable progress.

We are a community of creators and producers. We have shared our knowledge with our children as our
parents shared with us – to nurture the earth.

We are a community of faith, of healers and defenders of the right to food, the right to development,
the right to enjoy the fruits and roots of the land not only for this generation but also for the next

We are a community of planters, workers, fishers and educators who provide for our elders, our young,
our families and communities at large, who want to thrive in a climate of discussion, appreciation,
engagement, consensus and unity building. We recognize we need mining but we will reject and oppose
large scale and destructive mining and big business plunder.

We are a community that respects and nurtures the land not only for a small circle of communities but
to share with the circles of the whole planet if need be. And we will selflessly guard our communities if
threatened as our parents have done before us.

We call on the government to enforce pro-people and pro-environment policies that will benefit our
communities, respecting our right to Free Prior and Informed Consent, human rights, economic rights,
social rights and cultural rights including the right to our natural heritage – the land of our birth.
We call on the transnational mining corporations to respect peoples’ decisions and practices on the
management of their lands, communites, ecosystems and cultures. We call on the mining companies to
leave and let us be in peace.

We declare to put to task the big foreign and local mining companies who have destroyed and poisoned
Mother Earth and deprived the next generation of food and livelihood. We resolve to file cases against
these companies and make them indemnify the communities and peoples of the destruction they

We declare as healers and savers of Mother Earth, the land of our birth, to put to task the government
authorities for conniving and allowing destructive mining companies to plunder our minerals, wealth
and people’s patrimony.

We declare we will defend and preserve our national patrimony against foreign big business plunder!
We declare we will assert our rights to life, land, culture, food security and development.

We sign this declaration for Amianan Salakniban at the Northern Luzon Summit for Mining and Human
Rights, held in Baguio City, December 13 – 15, 2011.#



  1. We love our own land given to us perfectly by our Almighty God, hence we need to safeguard it from devastation. Let us help make our areas great tourists destination for this is the best alternative of destructive mining.

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