Visiting the water tank, Cacafean, Marcos, Ilocos Norte

The water tank was constructed for drinking and cooking water. It has reduced the labor time for mothers who are tasked to carry water from wells. It has reduced water borne diseases and reduced firewood need to boil water safe for drinking. The settlers of Cacafean have benefited with access to safe water because of the water tank project.


Barangay captain Chito Pugyao opens a working faucet installed in one of the homes in the barrio.



Swollen mouth of Cagayan River


No, this is not China sea. This is Cagayan river and across is Bisagu, Aparri. To cross the wide river mouth, one has to ride a banca. Bisagu and Punta are sites of magnetite mining by Taiwanese and Chinese mining firms.

The people of Punta tell us that usually during summer, they can play volleyball or basketball on the beach. Now, there is no more beach and flooding of the barrios along the Cagayan river is a common occurrence since magnetite mining began.


Afternoon work for fishermen, Punta, Aparri

It was afternoon and time to work on the nets. Fishermen of Punta, Aparri mend their nets for fishing in groups. This is near the PAGASA weather station. They sew, repair and mend while they banter and joke. It is not every day they have visitors and see a tall, white guy taking pictures. The task of mending nets is easy compared to the long hours they spend in the sea to get smaller and smaller catch to feed their families.



Exposed roots, planted mangroves


The fishpond might have dried, the mangrove roots might have been exposed but the long seeds of the mangrove will make a forest someday. Nagpanaoan, Aringay, La Union.

Mangroves have proven to be climate resilient, have protected coastal communities from storm surges and are loved by marine life for they offer food, habitat and filter the dirty waters of the rivers and the seas.

Walk the walk!

Here our evaluator, Gottfried ( in red shirt) walks gingerly along the bamboo planks. Notice where the bamboo planks are missing. The bridge needs to be repaired and the people of Alaska wish it would be soon or for a cemented bridge to be given to them.



The bamboo poles that serve as base for the bridge double as “hawakan” or posts to hold on to while walking the swaying, shaking bridge. It is amazing to see the people of Nagpanawan balance cargo on their heads and arms as they walk on this bridge.